Our Day at Pangaea: Land of The Dinosaurs

During the Summer months in Phoenix, it is important to find as many activities as possible to keep the children entertained while also keeping cool. While visiting another attraction at OdySea in Scottsdale, I walked passed Pangaea and thought it looked like an awesome place to take the kids.

After reading reviews and doing research on their website I found out that the best value was actually to purchase the All Access Combo for the kids because it includes all of the interactive attractions. If you do not do all of the attractions, there isn’t much to do other than look at robot dinosaurs. If your kids are like mine, that won’t entertain them for long. Therefore, paying the extra is a must.

Here is what you get for $30.90

Admission ($17.95) Sifting ($7.95) Etching ($4.95) Dino Kart Ride ($4.95)  Stationary Dino Ride ($2.50) Excavation Station ($7.95) and Facepainting ($4.95)

I would say that’s about 2-3 hours of entertainment if you take your time enjoying everything this place has to offer.

General admission includes a walkway full of every dino you can imagine. Some of our favorites were Anklyosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Oviraptor. There are interactive screens around the whole walk which can really turn your trip into an educational experience. There are also “Paleontologists” around the entire exhibit that provide the kids with some extra insight about things to look at as well as Dino facts.

Also included with the price of admission is a dinosaur themed bounce house/obstacle course. The kids enter through the tail of the T-Rex and climb their way through eggs over a wall and down a slide out Rex’s mouth. This was by far my 4-year old’s favorite part she would have stayed all day if I let her.

I will admit the dino stationary ride was pretty boring for my 6-year old. It was pretty much like a carousel going up and down but without the going round in circles. After about 30 seconds the look in his eye said: “I’m over it”. However, someone whose slightly younger and has never been on “Guardians of the Galaxy” at Disneyland might find it amusing.

The DinoKart was DJ’s favorite attraction and by far my favorite to be a spectator for. The smile on both of their faces as they raced up and down the sidewalk was priceless. Be sure to watch our Youtube video to see me almost run over by a rabid triceratops.

The excavation station and sifting station were both pretty neat because they included tiny little dinosaur bones that the kids got to bring home as souvenirs. Each one was different a complete surprise. In the excavation station, you receive a little brick of clay and the tools to chip away at it and essentially dig up your own complete set of fossils. The sifting station is somewhat similar except you sift through a pan to find all of the bones. It was really exciting to look at each piece and guess what the final fossil would be once it was put together.

At the face painting station, DJ decided to go for a terrifying T-Rex while Camdyn’s choice was a sparkly pink triceratops. This was the only attraction where we had quite a bit of a wait. I enjoyed waiting and watching the people ahead of us get their artwork done. The couple right before us choose to get dinosaur claws painted on their hands. They were so awesome that I almost got one myself.

After all of our fun, we decided to go upstairs to the restaurant and have lunch before heading home. We received a coupon for $5 off with my adult ticket. The food was actually pretty yummy and of course, eating under a bunch of Pterodactyls was an experience we could not miss. We split a pizza and bbq wings, mama had a well-deserved beer.

Overall, this place is a bit pricey but I think if you do the All Access it is worth the price (especially with the souvenirs you get to keep). If you have a young toddler-elementary age child who loves dinosaurs I would say that this place is something you HAVE to check out. Comment any questions below and to see more check out our video on youtube. If you want to take your kids give our video a big THUMBS UP!

Adventure Awaits,

The Q Family

2 thoughts on “Our Day at Pangaea: Land of The Dinosaurs

  1. Dee says:

    I’ve never heard of this place – sounds like so much fun! And I agree that in Phoenix, in the summer, you definitely need indoor activities to stay entertained. I can’t stand being outdoors for too long in that heat..

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