Painting with Canvas, Moms Escape

Moms and Dads need a break! A happy family does plenty of activities together, but a happy family also does activities apart. Mom and Dad should have date nights and they should also spend time apart doing their own activities with friends or by themselves. Every girl needs a girls night and Painting with Canvas is a great way to spend a few hours out in the city kid free. (This would also make a great date night and I did also see a few families that decided to bring their little ones to join in on the fun)

I have wanted to do a paint night for so long, even though I am not much of an artist I always thought that it looked like so much fun. After browsing Groupon I found a deal for a company called Painting with Canvas. The price was $38.99 for a class for 2 people. I was somewhat annoyed when I discovered the Friday night class was slightly more expensive and I paid an additional fee when I booked the class for me and my bestie online, it could have also been the fact that the date we wanted happened to be the ever so popular Van Gogh class.

Our class was at Two Brothers Tap House & Brewery, I prefer beer over wine so this was perfect for me. We got there a little early so we had a seat at the bar and I ordered the house IPA. By the time we finished, the class was set up and ready to go so we headed upstairs to the private party area where the class was being held.

The biggest mistake that we made was sitting in the back of the class. From the moment the class started, we had no idea what was going on. Francesca, the instructor and owner of the business, was so sweet and helpful BUT she was quiet as a mouse. With the music playing in the bar and our tipsy giggles, we could not hear a word she said. If you go my #1 recommendation is to sit in the front of the room.

Despite the fact that we could not hear, we were able to see what Francesca was doing which we used as a guide for our paintings. She also provided us each with a small reference picture to use.  Francesca would paint a small portion of the picture and then walk around the class to give tips and tricks and see how everyone was doing.

Let me tell you, I was doing horrible!  My brush was too watery and the paint was dripping everywhere. I couldn’t seem to get my colors right and I was just overall feeling like the 7 year old across the room had a more elegant painting than I did. Francesca was so sweet and gave words of encouragement no matter what a crumby artist you were. She always seemed to put some sort of artistic spin on it that made you somehow feel good about your blob of scribbles. She told the rest of the class that my friend and I had “gone rogue” and put a spin on it like we were such creative minds. In reality, we just had no idea what was going on.

The brews kept coming and at the end of the night I wound up with a halfway decent picture, a $15 tab, and memories that will last me a lifetime. If you are looking for a fun way to spend a few hours I would highly recommend registering for one of Francesca’s classes. Even if you are like me and not the most artistic she will help guide you and make it a fun and exciting experience.


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