Rainbow Sugar Cookie Fail

Every few weeks the kids’ room looks like a tornado blew through it and they spend what seems like an eternity cleaning it up. Usually, I come up with some type of bribe to get it done faster. This weekend they asked me if they could make sugar cookies.

While they were busy cleaning I browsed online for recipes. I hoped to find something easy and fast because cooking and baking is not my strong suit. I came across these Rainbow Sugar Cookies that looked easy enough. Somehow, no matter how simple the recipe I always seem to fail. Here’s what we did.

We started out on the right path mixing the ingredients, first the sugar and butter, then the egg and vanilla, and lastly the dry ingredients. It wasn’t until the cookies were in the oven that I realized the salt was left on the counter and never used. Oooops.

My next fail was that although Meaghan at Cook. Craft. Love specifically mentioned getting the rations right I was lazy about it. In my mind, I thought it wouldn’t matter as long as the balls of dough were all slightly different sizes. Next, we didn’t have the right colors and I wasn’t going to the store when I had already taken my bra off for the remainder of the day. I pulled several colors that we had used from a previous project out of the pantry and let the kids get to work coloring each ball of dough. We used red, blue, purple, and a teal color that I thought was green.

I decided to roll out the dough and create the tube for slicing since it seemed like it would be slightly more technical. I rolled out the first snake piece and felt like this would surely be a success. As I rolled out all of my rectangles I realized my ratios were WAY off. I didn’t have enough dough to completely wrap the previous piece. The dough was also breaking as I tried to work with it.

I finally got my roll finished but somehow there was grease everywhere. It was a big mess. I put my slices in the oven but they wound up needing 4 extra minutes in the oven. Although they did not look anything like the expectation, the reality is these cookies taste amazing! I think I might leave out the salt intentionally next time because they are so sweet and fluffy.

Give this recipe a try with your little ones and let me know how they turn out in the comments!

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